Book: Rescue Cruiser

JOHN T. ESSBERGER: Rescue Cruiser on Her Last Voyage In more than 2,000 operations conducted during 36 years of service the JOHN T. ESSBERGER, built in 1975 and one of the largest rescue cruisers of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS), has rescued some 1,100 persons in distress or life-threatening hazard at sea. In more than 4,500 patrol missions the rescue cruiser safeguarded the area around Fehmarn. In October 2010 – shortly before retirement – she was still in action for the Lithuanian Baltic Sea ferry “Lisco Gloria”, which had caught fire north-west of the Isle of Fehmarn. Since the 1990s there have been close contacts between the Technik Museum Speyer and the rescue people. Thus, the idea developed to preserve this exceptional rescue cruiser as a museum ship after her retirement. Originally it was planned that the 44-meters-ship would travel to Speyer on her own keel in May 2011. However, the extremely low water of the Rhine at that time thwarted this plan and the voyage turned into an even more spectacular event. This book describes the gripping story of the JOHN T. ESSBERGER and the startling transport from her former operational area in the Baltic Sea to the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER.

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