DVD: Tupolev TU-144

In the night at 8 November 2000 was one of the most spectacular undertakings of the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim a triumphant conclusion: Contents of two huge crane floated the 48-meter-long fuselage of a Tupolev Tu-144 on the museum grounds.

After lengthy and tough negotiations, it was the Museum Sinsheim until now the only Western museum has succeeded in one of the few Tu-144 supersonic passenger aircraft, the Russian counterpart to "Concorde" to acquire. Only 17 copies of this type are generally built. On 1st November 1977, several Tu-144 scheduled services between Moscow and Alma Ata. Only 9 months later, however, these flights were reinstated after the air show at Le Bourget a machine crashed. With this video you will witness one of the most spectacular large transport in recent years. In gripping images you will experience the evolution of the Tu-144 and transport of the museum piece from Moscow to Sinsheim, the Europe hit the headlines.

Duration: 60 minutes

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