FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What about the language of the books, DVDs and videos?
All books, DVDs and videos sold in this ONLINE-Shop are written or spoken in German language only if there is no other discreption.
Excepts: "Das grosse Museumsbuch" (a book about our museums and the exhibits) and the "Musikbuch" (a book about the musical instruments and mechanical organs) are written bilingual in German and English!
The DVD "Buran - History and transport" has English and German Audiotracks.

How long takes the delivery?
All goods offered in this ONLINE-Shop are available in our store. We ship the goods immediately after we ascertain the payment. By using the payment-option PAYPAL, sofortbanking or by paying with creditcard we ship the goods immediately after we receive your order.

How can I pay?
a) You can pay with creditcard
b) Clients from the UK, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Germany can pay by sofortbanking. In that case we ship the goods immediately after receiving your order.
c) From other countries we only accept pay in advance per transfer. In that case we ship the goods immediately after we ascertain the payment.

Do you deliever to the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and other countries?
Yes! Please be sure to choose the correct country at the end of the ordering process.

What happens when I am unhappy with the delievered goods?
We do our best to deliever only quality goods but if you are unhappy with the articles you have the right to send them back. Please get in contact with us before you sent any articels to us. Books, DVDs, Videos und CD-ROMs can only be send back to us when there are technical reasons or in original packing.

I want to order vouchers for admission. Do they have an expiry date?
No, the vouchers for admission at the Technik Museum Sinsheim and/or the Technik Museum Speyer with its IMAX giant screen theaters that you can order in this ONLINE-Shop will not expire.

Is this ONLINE-Shop completely offered in English language?
We translated this ONLINE-Shop into English language as a special service for you. Because this ONLINE-Shop is run in Germany the GBC in German language is valid. In some cases it can happen that the article-description got not translated into English language. If you want to know more about these articels or if you have problems with the ordering/payment process do not hesitate to contact us on email: shop@technik-museum.de. We are looking forward to help you!