Pocketbook BURAN - History and transport

This new pocket-book BURAN shows on more than 240 pages the history and the transportation of the BURAN to the Technik MUSEUM SPEYER, Germany.

"When the Buran took off in Baikanur on November 15, 1988 to its one and only orbital flight the sister model OK-GLI contributed a great deal to this success. In altogether 25 atmospheric flights the space glider tested the landing system and automatic control. With four rear engines the Buran accomplished something the NASA never could: Taking off and landing like an airplane this space transporter was flying alternatively with a crew or on radio control. After termination of the program in 1993 the OK-GLI went on an eight-year-long odyssey as an exhibit in Sydney and Bahrain. Stranded there it was purchased by the Technik Museum and brought to Speyer in a spectacular transport."

in German and English language

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