The Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer are supported by a non-profit association with more than 5,000 members worldwide. The aim of the association is to preserve the technical cultural assets for posterity and to promote interest in technical developments.

Anyone who is interested in technology and enjoys what we do can become a member. Members not only receive free entry to our museums and other benefits all year round, they also help us to keep the museums attractive in the future.

Permanent membership
Permanent membership is the most exclusive form of membership in our friends' association. You only pay the fee of € 2,000 once instead of an annual fee and are therefore a member for life with special benefits. Permanent members are added to our press mailing list and thus receive constantly updated information about the museums and the IMAX cinemas and are invited to our official events such as exhibition openings, film premieres, etc. You will receive an exclusive pin that identifies you as a permanent member, you have free entry to the Technik Museums Sinsheim Speyer at any time and you can also take three accompanying persons with you free of charge.

You can conclude your permanent membership here via our ONLINE shop and use it immediately.

When will I receive my membership card? Immediately after successfully completing the registration, you will receive a provisional, electronic membership card by email. This can be used immediately to visit the Technik Museum Sinsheim Speyer. You will receive the complete membership documents (including membership card) a few days after your registration.

When is the permanent membership valid? The permanent membership begins immediately after completion.

Can I also give away a permanent membership? Yes, please click on the "As a gift" option and then give us the details of the person receiving the gift. Please note: We will send both the provisional membership card (by email) and the membership documents (by post) to your address and not directly to the recipient. This gives you the opportunity to hand over the gift yourself.

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